The 30-Day Plan: Reduce Human Error and Time to Competency

March 2, 2023
October 5, 2021

30 Days to Launch!

Virtuosi Checklist:

In under a month, staff is actively learning and performing complex operations with total mastery.

Implementing Virtuosi’s fully immersive learning and upskilling platform is simple and intuitive. We offer the singular choice for a turnkey education platform when you demand drastic product quality and operations improvements.

  • Our Hypercare model takes you from start to finish.
  • We collaborate with your team leads to champion and clarify our comprehensive suite of program features, tips, and structures.
  • Identify your site team leads and champions
  • Start a kickoff session to develop the plan and align objectives
  • Establish IT system access - identify network, power, and essential requirements
  • Define VR Lab layout and equipment receipt protocol
  • Finalize project plan
Days 6-15: PREPARE
  • Receive equipment and prepare VR Lab
  • Develop curriculum and learning plans for each learner
Days 16-20: INSTALL
  • Install VR workstations
  • Execute and document site acceptance testing
  • Finalize individualized curricula plans
  • Change management and internal communications plan
Days 21-25: Qualify
  • Admins for system and equipment use
  • Admins for profile creation, account management, course assignment, analytics, equipment, and platform troubleshooting
  • Managers for system use
  • Admins and Managers for program monitoring, use, progress, refining curricula, and reports usage
Days 26-30: Initiate
  • First wave of learners trained on system access
  • Virtuosi Introduction (V101) and VR Interactive Experiences
  • Hypercare support model from Virtuosi


  • Quality Executive Partners orders and ships VR equipment
  • Virtuosi requires approx. 10’x10’ per VR workstation setup

See Tech Specs doc

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