Cutting-Edge Manufacturing for Cell and Gene Therapies Just Got the Boost it Needs

September 13, 2022
September 2022
May 22, 2023

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing for Cell and Gene Therapies Just Got the Boost it Needs

Virtuosi® – the leading Pharma VR education tool – has expanded to deliver immersive VR training for advanced therapies manufacturing  

(Atlanta, GA) September 13, 2022 – Virtuosi® powered by QxP, the world’s first virtual reality education platform for pharmaceutical manufacturing has expanded its offering, announcing a suite of state-of-the art video content and highly immersive VR training experiences for cell and gene therapies production.  

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP’s), comprising cell, gene, and tissue-engineered therapies, are delivering breakthroughs in the treatment of diseases, and are widely acknowledged to be the future of medicine. Yet the sophisticated manufacturing facilities, exacting training requirements, and complex bioprocessing procedures make these advanced therapies much more costly and demanding to produce than those manufactured using traditional methods.  

“Traditional methods are not working to effectively and quickly train the thousands of new operators being hired for the intricate processes required to produce advanced therapies,” explained Brian Duncan, COO of Quality Executive Partners, Inc. (QxP), the inventor of Virtuosi. “Cell and gene therapies can save lives right now, but the challenges around manufacturing are often the rate-limiting step in getting these drugs to the patients whose lives depend on them. We understand that time is of the essence, and our Virtuosi development team had to move fast.”  

“There are big challenges that we need to work on together right now to secure the future and potential of ATMPs for patients,” said Dr. Heather Main of ATMP Sweden. “I have found the Good Manufacturing Practices (‘GMP’) for ATMP field to be an extremely exciting space with currently limitless opportunity for learning and exponential growth with currently few ‘experts’ in the diversity of critical areas.”  

Advanced therapies, often custom-produced for each individual patient, are expensive, sometimes costing more than a million dollars per treatment. “Making mistakes is not an option: there are patients waiting for potentially life-saving treatments, and it is not an option for the companies that need to be efficient and cost-effective to keep producing more treatments,” noted Duncan.  

Sterile manufacturing in pharma has seen strong benefits in using VR, as Virtuosi is already widely deployed in large and smaller enterprises, significantly reducing error rates and greatly speeding up training programs, improving training effectiveness and delivery of product.  

CGT and ATMP Comprehensive Training Courses Announcement

About Virtuosi  

Virtuosi powered by QxP is the world’s first and only comprehensive multi-language immersive training platform for pharmaceutical manufacturing operators in aseptic processing, microbiology, and cell and gene therapy processing. The immersive platform combines in-depth, precision-focused teaching videos with highly immersive virtual reality experiences through which employees apply and practice the techniques they learn. Practice makes perfect. Virtuosi is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.

About Quality Executive Partners, Inc.  

Quality Executive Partners, Inc. (QxP) is a global management consulting and educational technology firm providing the pharmaceutical industry with innovative solutions and revolutionary technical education programs, including Virtuosi®.  QxP’s experienced team of experts advises pharmaceutical and life sciences companies around the globe.  It is in our experience resolving operational and technical manufacturing and quality issues that affords a pragmatic and strategic risk-prioritized approach, achieving your business objectives for submissions, product and site approvals, commercial manufacturing, and workforce readiness.