MHRA Beta Partner for Virtuosi

January 7, 2020
January 2020
September 8, 2023

Atlanta, GA (January 7, 2020) –  Quality Executive Partners, Inc. (QxP) is honored to recognize the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for their support during development of Virtuosi®, an on-demand educational platform that leverages the power of virtual reality (VR).  

A team of five senior steriles experts from MHRA’s GMP Inspectorate participated as our primary beta partner in the pilot program, providing review of selected educational lecture content and VR experiences, simulating daily operations within controlled manufacturing and microbiology laboratory settings. Beyond a technical review, these valuable insights reinforced the proper foundational science used to educate users on the “why” behind the controls expected to be present during GMP inspections of sterile manufacturing facilities.  

“We are so pleased to have the benefit of MHRA’s review and perspectives within our Virtuosi® Sterile Manufacturing and Microbiology Series," said Crystal Mersh, CEO of QxP. “The MHRA team has been a key regulatory supporter during our journey in developing this commercial VR educational technology. In fact, MHRA received our first deployed VR workstation, which in January 2020 is being upgraded to the full commercial release, providing an innovative source of internal training for the MHRA GMP Inspectorate.”

The regulatory perspective for all 31 educational episodes and 18 VR interactive experiences is further supported with a 100% independent review, performed by Mr. Bob Coleman, a former FDA national expert for sterile manufacturing facilities.  

“We are excited to see Virtuosi’s commercial launch and the significant impact it will have on day-to-day operations and business performance”, added Mersh. 

About Virtuosi®

Virtuosi® is an on-demand educational platform that leverages the power of virtual reality (VR). Virtuosi is composed of digital technical courses, VR interactive experiences, knowledge assessments, curricula management, and reporting. Virtuosi is the only platform of its kind in the life sciences employee education field .The 31 courses within Virtuosi Series One, Sterile Manufacturing and Microbiology, include 18 VR interactive experiences where learners engage in activities designed to best deliver the intended learning objectives. The 80 hours of instruction is self-paced, includes process checks and knowledge assessments, and is customizable for each organization's need. The distinctive features of Virtuosi are based on QxP's core operating methodology of "Teach and Do."QxP believes, and scientific evidence demonstrates, that deep and meaningful learning occurs experientially. Virtuosi provides a safe space where a learner can make a mistake without the potential for embarrassment, fear of being wrong, or compromising the manufacturing environment or product. The curricula are tailored to the individual's role, and individual training records are housed on a GMP Part 11 compliant learning management system. Virtuosi was awarded a 2019 Pharma Innovation Award presented by Pharma Manufacturing. 

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About the Company

Virtuosi was designed by the experts of Quality Executive Partners, Inc. (QxP). QxP is a globally recognized management consulting firm serving the life sciences industry with primary focus, and considerable expertise, in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations and compliance. QxP's depth and breadth of practical knowledge in combination with our "Teach and Do" methodology immediately opens doors to learning for our clients. Visit for more information.