QxP’s talent is the key to our capabilities. 

Our entire business is based upon the caliber of our team.  We are committed to providing “only the best” Quality leadership and technical talent.  Our executives have operated at the highest levels in industry, leading global pharmaceutical organizations

We recruit a team of technical experts specifically to address the goals and objectives of each project and to provide the level of support and insight requested by our client partners. 

The QxP team consists of high energy, driven, results-oriented professionals capable of providing both high-level strategy and tactical operational direction.  Our professionals are known for their learning agility, the ability to bring immediate value, and build cross-functional relationships that are necessary for success.

We are passionate about making sustainable contributions to the industry by teaching, mentoring, and developing Quality organizations and talent. 

We are experienced in assessing overall situations and advising on strategic options, including risk mitigation techniques and paths that will increase the likelihood of success. 

Our “Teach & Do” approach ensures that knowledge is transferred and that change can be sustained over the long term. We take pride in our role as coaches and mentors.  We partner with your key leaders and staff to develop understanding of current regulatory requirements and industry best practices, foster critical thinking skills, and transfer our knowledge based on many years and many challenging experiences.